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How to Decide If Retractable Screens Are Right for Your Dallas Home

The benefits of retractable screens on patio doors and windows are numerous – including insect barriers at night and expanding floor space during the day. There are a number of choices available, so matching your needs and style preferences is simple. Take a look at some other popular products and consider what works best for your Dallas home or business.

Sun Screens

The main function of a sun screen is to reduce the amount of heat buildup indoors. They keep room temperature comfortable and save on cooling costs. Sun screens come in a variety of colors and materials, so they are not only functional but add visual appeal to interior spaces, too. Dallas sun screens are a common backyard product but would it not be convenient if the sun screen was retractable? How about motorized?

Drop Shades

Drop shades are retractable screens installed on home and building exteriors. Most people use them to decrease the need for air conditioning. They also add privacy from neighbors and passing traffic. Because less sunlight enters the interior space, drop shades reduce the risk of skin issues caused by excess sun exposure. Additionally, they protect indoor furniture from sun exposure and reduce color fading. Dallas drop shades come in different colors and materials, but options tend to be less extensive than with interior shades. Motorized and automated features are available to increase ease of use.

Solar Screens

Solar screen mesh comes in a variety of sizes because customer needs vary greatly. Larger mesh allows for more outdoor breeze and light to enter a room. Tighter mesh will block sunlight and keep interiors cooler in warmer seasons and warmer during cooler seasons.

Solar screens can be ideal for insect control, too. Insect mesh features a larger weave that allows more light and breeze to enter a room, yet it is small enough to keep insects at bay.

A tighter mesh is better suited for keeping interiors cooler and reducing glare, providing insect control, and protecting furniture and drapes from color fading. The smallest mesh option most effectively protects against the harmful UV rays and provides the most privacy. Regardless of the mesh size you choose, Dallas solar screens come in many different styles and colors to best complement your interior space.

Ease of Use

All of the outdoor shade products above and their benefits are combined in one product called Motorized Retractable Screens. Once you choose the patio shade material that best suites your needs, motorization and automation features can enhance each option. We also carry manual retractable screens which can be chosen as a budget-friendly retractable option. Most retractable screen users agree that motorization and automation features are well worth the added expense.

Motorized retractable screens can be integrated into a panel that controls your lighting, security, and HVAC systems remotely. Dallas retractable screens can also be programmed to open and close at a certain time of day or when a preset temperature is reached. These automation features are not only a way to increase ease of use, but they reduce energy bills and conserve energy.

Retractable screens are a versatile addition to your home, and they will pay for themselves when you consider the savings you’ll see on your energy bills. With the variety of styles available, a retractable screen can not only be an economic addition to your home, but a beautiful one. If you are looking for a highly customizable outdoor shading product for doors, windows or large openings, then motorized retractable screens are capable of almost anything.

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