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With so Much to Choose from, How Do I Know What Window Treatments Are Best?

Homeowners have a wealth of options for designing window treatments. Light, privacy, energy consumption, and style all play a role in deciding the best window treatment for any taste. With so many varieties that can fit innumerable interior design styles, it may be overwhelming to try to pin down the best fit for a project. We’ve outlined some of the most popular choices to aid in that search.



Blinds are some of the most common window coverings and offer affordable utility, as well as versatile style options that can appeal to any taste. Horizontal blinds are quite common in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as covering windows over sinks and doorways. Vertical blinds are a popular choice for patio and deck doors, and offer a sleek and minimalist aesthetic to any large door or window space.

Most standard Dallas window blinds are aluminum or simple fabrics, but bamboo and other woods can provide beautiful additions to dining rooms or porches. Vertical blinds can also have seamless arrangements that offer superior light control compared to standard vertical blinds.


Dallas window treatment options


Curtains offer a traditional feel that can amplify the coziness of a living room, breakfast nook, or bedroom. Decorative curtain rods can accentuate a room’s décor, and the curtain rods and hardware can be customized to fit any room. Ornamental rods and finials (the decorative ends of the curtain rods) can add additional flair or a minimalist aesthetic. Motorized curtains are more and more becoming part of the Dallas smart home. They add distinction to any living space and are great for home theater rooms.

Different materials offer utility as well as pleasing design choices. For example, blackout fabrics can be added to curtains to add a layer that will light-proof a room, which can be ideal for nurseries or bedrooms to help small children take daytime naps. Thermal drapery can also provide added insulation from cold weather.


Roman Shades

A simple sheet of fabric can be a beautiful addition to any window space. Roman shades are simple in design but versatile in their potential styles and applications. The fabric hangs over the window when lowered and is retracted with a simple cord that folds the fabric into neat, cascading bunches.

Roman shades can be minimalist with pleated or reinforced panels, or add a splash of decoration with ornamental poufs and rich patterns. Similar to traditional curtains, Dallas roman shades can offer additional function along with pleasing fashion for an interior space. Blackout and thermal fabrics can help with light control as well as insulation.


plantation shutter options Dallas, Texas

Plantation Shutters

Most people consider shutters to be an exterior window covering, but they can be beautifully applied to a home’s interior as well. Plantation Shutters are typically wooden, can be painted or carved to match any motif, and are relatively low-maintenance. Shutters can be painted to brightly accentuate a bedroom, and wooden shutters offer a traditional look that’s fantastic for seasonal porches and dining rooms.

Shutters can also provide light control by fitting them with center panels that seamlessly block all light. Café-style shutters cover half of a window and make excellent additions to kitchens. Dallas plantation shutters can also be affixed to glass doors, offering light control with additional privacy.

Explore the many other options available for any home at The Shading Company. Our talented Dallas window treatment team has ideas that can make the most of any window space. Schedule an appointment, or contact us with any questions you may have about window treatments for your home.

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