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Four Great Options for Dallas Patio Covers

Summer means more time on your patio or veranda, and you’ll probably need a cover to keep out uncomfortable heat and insects. Depending on your patio space, style of home, and available room for expansion, you may have several possibilities for optimizing your patio space. Fortunately, The Shading Company of Dallas has several options to choose from, including louvered roofs, gables, studio roofs, and more.


We’ve compiled this list of the most popular options for patio coverings. Everyone has different needs and tastes, but we can certainly find something to fit any preference. As you read this list, think about how these options would look with your patio space, and let The Shading Company know what you want for your next home improvement project.


Patio Covers Dallas, TX


Louvered Roofs


A louvered roof offers you total control over your patio space. With a few presses of a button, you can control how much or how little shade breaks through the louvers. Louvered roofs also provide extra ventilation in case your barbecue is on the patio. The Shading Company’s louvered roof system is durable and can integrate beautifully into most existing architecture. Our system also features built-in rain gutters to ensure rainwater flows off your patio roof.


gable roof style on Dallas patio coverGables


For a more traditional patio covering for any weather, gables are a great addition to any style home. The Shading Company will work with you to decide which style is right for your patio. Gables can be equipped with additional lighting, ceiling fans, and other fixtures to provide the perfect patio atmosphere. Equip your gables with retractable solar patio shades to enjoy your patio space with minimal heat and glare.


Studio Roofs


Some homes may not look quite right with traditional pointed gables, but a studio roof for your patio space may be a perfect fit. You can cover your patio with a studio roof for a contemporary look, affording you with all the comfort of an outdoor space without the exposure. You can also outfit patios with studio roofs with retractable solar patio shades.


studio roof style patio cover on Dallas Texas home


Retractable Awnings


A retractable awning is a great way to provide shade over your patio space when you want it. While it may offer less customization than louvered roofs, Dallas retractable awnings reduce energy consumption and keep your patio space cool and shady. Some awnings can be outfitted with enclosures to block out insects and for a little extra privacy.


Retractable awnings can also reduce how much heat your house builds up from exposure, helping you cut energy costs for indoor cooling. The retractable awnings from The Shading Company can be outfitted with motorized options with custom controls, allowing you to extend it with the press of a button and retract it the same way.


Whatever you may have in mind for your patio space, let The Shading Company know, and we can walk you through our available options to find the best fit for your home or business. Our team will find the patio covering that makes the most sense for your space and make it a beautiful addition.


Dallas retractable awnings for patio and decks

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