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Why Choose Roman Shades For Your Dallas Window Treatments?

When choosing shades for your Dallas home, there are three basic options: cellular shades, roller shades, or Roman shades. Although numerous variations of these exist, most companies offer these three options. However, the customization options available can be overwhelming. At The Shading Company, we want you to know all the benefits of each type before you decide. Roman shades carry several unique benefits that may be great assets to your home.


Roman shades in Dallas kitchen


Roman Shades For A Clean, Modern Look


Roman shades generally provide a cleaner, simpler, and more modern look than other shades and shutters. They lie flat when closed and form horizontal lines when raised. This actually takes attention away from your shades, but pulls focus toward other interior design elements. Additionally, people consider Dallas Roman shades “less fussy” than interior plantation shutters or full draperies. They feel less showy and less heavy, but still give a room an elegant feel.


A Practical Approach to Décor


Some homeowners like the idea of filling their homes with as much drapery or other wall décor as possible. The truth is that more is not better when it comes to interior design. In many cases, drapery, shutters, or large shades will make your home feel dark, cluttered, and far too busy. In contrast, Dallas Roman shades can open up the room and give you much more space to move and relax. We especially recommend them for homeowners who have banquettes, crown molding, or built-in windows.


A Plethora of Options For Roman Shades


Dallas Roman shadesRoman shades can be customized to fit any home or décor style on the market. Our Dallas Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns that will increase your home’s aesthetic value and make each room a more pleasant place to visit. Our fabric colors run the gamut from opaque to translucent.


When customizing your shade fabric, be sure to think about how it will look when the shades are drawn. If you’re okay with rigid, less pliable stacks, a heavy, opaque fabric may work for you. However, we find most of our customers want their shades to be as pliable as possible. Lighter-weight fabrics achieve this and ensure that your Dallas shades don’t look too heavy or obtrusive.


Customizable Controls For Dallas Roman Shades


Roman shades are some of the most technologically advanced on the market. They can be raised and retracted with one of three controls – the cord and cleat, the electric motor, or the continuous loop system.


The cord and cleat is the most traditional control system, in which a single lock holds all the lift strings. While they are prone to snags and other problems, the cord and cleat system is quieter than continuous loop or electric systems. The electric system is best if your major concern is convenience; it lets you raise and lower your shades with the press of a button. The continuous loop system uses a chain to turn a clutch mechanism that consistently raises and lowers your shades to equal levels. This option may be the best if you have several Dallas Roman shades and would like a consistent amount of sunlight in your house.


Contact the professionals at The Shading Company of Dallas we can help you select the shades that will look best in and on your home.


Roman Shades motorization from Dallas Shading Company


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