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Backyard Design Possibilities: Dallas Patio Covers

Your Texas backyard can be a beautiful, relaxing place to entertain family and friends. Adding a patio cover is one of the easiest ways to change your space while retaining a wide open feeling. Many of the best backyard designs in Dallas include patio covers because they’re just as useful and customizable as they are fun.


Building a Patio Cover

At The Shading Company, we have years of experience designing and installing incredible Dallas patio covers. We know every customer is different, and we understand the decision-making process. If you’re considering adding one of these beautiful expansions to your space, first you need to consider where you’re going to put it.

Patio covers are most commonly placed up against your home, over the back door. This is because they add a very quick extension to the interior room. It’s also fairly easy to place concrete, tile, or other similar floorings near the foundation.

Patio covers don’t have to be installed right next to your home, however. Placing them near pools, outdoor fireplaces, or built-in grills are also popular choices. The best location for you depends on the layout of your backyard and how you use the space.

Beautiful stand alone Dallas patio cover


Making the Right Choices

The size of your patio cover is another important consideration. Luckily, these covers are very flexible and easy to scale to your needs. Heights typically vary from eight to twelve feet tall, meaning you can find a style that better matches your home. The width and length are up to you, too, so planning the new space is easier than ever before. Whether you want to entertain large groups or just have a small reading space, there’s a choice that’s just right.


Dallas installer for Equinox louvered roof system


Open or Solid Roof?

The type of roof is usually the biggest decision for most people. Often, “patio cover” conjures images of an open, slatted roof. This is a very popular choice, but you can also opt for solid ceilings. If you work with The Shading Company, however, you can have the best of both worlds.

We specialize in working with the Equinox louvered roof. This Dallas patio system is completely motorized. With the push of a button, you can change the orientation of the roof louvers to give you precisely the type of sun protection you need. Plus, with the durable aluminum construction, you’ll be able to enjoy the flexibility and benefits year after year.


Beautiful attached patio cover on Dallas, TX home.


The Equinox louvered patio roof offers four different configurations: full sun, indirect sun, directional sun, and closed. You can change the setting at any time to allow more warmth on cool days, offering the same benefits as a regular open roof. Or, adjust to indirect and keep the rays at bay when it’s hot. With the closed setting you’re safe from rain, too, turning your open cover into a tool that works year-round.

Don’t settle for imitation products or less-than-professional installation. Get the most flexible patio cover installed the right way when you work with The Shading Company of Dallas. Call us today at (972) 218-0970 to get started with a quote.

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