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Discover the Beauty of Arched Window Treatments

The right window treatments can transform the look and feel of a home. They not only provide shade, they’re also beautiful aesthetic enhancements to any type of décor. Choosing your Dallas window treatments can be difficult, but it can also be fun with the right company. One thing we love recommending to our customers at The Shading Company is an arched window treatment. Discover how a soft, curving window treatment can enhance your home.

Design Your Custom Look

Arched shades and sheers in Fort Worth bathroomWhile each home will best suit a unique type of window treatment, there are certain rules to abide by to achieve different looks. When you select treatments for arched windows, you can establish a soft, romantic look, or a stately and elegant look, depending on the treatments you choose. At The Shading Company, our team will work closely with you to design your perfect Dallas arched window treatments. You can custom design aspects such as:

  • Type. You can outfit arched windows with virtually any type of covering, from curtains to valances to blinds. One of the most popular options is the arched plantation shutter. These fit perfectly into arched windows, letting the afternoon sun in or shutting it out depending on your preferences. Arched plantation shutters are excellent for a beautiful look and energy savings.
  • Style. Once you’ve selected the type of arched window covering you want, you can choose the style. Arched plantation shutters, for example, come in sunburst or standard styles. The sunburst has slats coming out of a central point, while standard has horizontal slats that mimic traditional plantation shutters. Every window treatment has different styles available to achieve unique goals.
  • Material. Next, you can narrow down what treatments you want by selecting the right material, design, and color. Match your interior or exterior décor with just the right varnish or paint color. At The Shading Company, we offer plantation shutters in artisan stains and custom colors for a variety of tastes and preferences. Customize your arched window coverings to achieve your ideal look.

Partnering with the right window treatment company can make a world of difference in how satisfied you are with the finished product. When it comes to creating the perfect arched window treatments, find a company with many brand options you might want for your windows. This way you are not pinned in a corner of capability, style and price options. You can find the right Dallas window treatments for interior and exterior arched window coverage.

plantation shutters for arched windows 

Enjoy the Benefits of Dallas Arched Window Treatments

Window treatments are vital for the finished look of a room, but they do much more than just improve aesthetics. Window coverings can help filter or block the sun from arched windows, protecting furniture from ultraviolet rays and regulating temperatures. They give you control over the light and temperature of the room, improving home energy efficiency and making you comfortable in every season.

Whether you want arched plantation shutters, arched blinds, or other treatments for arched windows, get your custom solution at The Shading Company. We can help you design and install the ideal treatment for any size or shape of arched windows. We are your number one source for exceptional, personalized window treatments in the Metro Dallas area. Contact us today for an appointment!

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