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Bahama Shutters – Dallas, TX

Bahama Shutters are similar in design to the Colonial Shutter. Bahama shutters cover windows and are hinged at the top giving the house a Bahamian or tropical appearance. The Bahama shutter also reduces the amount of sunlight entering the window. Simply lowering and latching the shutter provides storm protection.

Our Dallas Bahama Shutters come with a wide variety of choices. All of them provide unmatched beauty and energy savings. Some are for shade and decorative purposes only, while others provide severe storm protection and Code approved Hurricane protection.


Colonial Shutters

Colonial Shutters are hinged on the side and open to the outside of the window promoting the look of a Colonial Estate. Before the storm arrives, the shutters are simply closed and latched with hinges and or locking bars.


HV® Low Profile Decorative Bahama Shutters

Increase the LEED rating of your GREEN Project with the HV Low Profile Decorative Bahama Colonial System from The Shading Company of Dallas. The Low Profile system provides shade for commercial or residential applications. It’s mechanical design makes it fast and easy to assemble. Pre-fabbed side rails & mullions eliminate the need to mechanically fasten the blades, resulting in labor reduction of over 50% compared to traditional Bahama shutter assemblies. It’s mill finish allows the fabricator the flexibility to match colors to the building design after assembly. It’s perfect for mixed-use projects such as open air malls, restaurants, business parks or anywhere you want to achieve and an upscale look while providing a low maintenance, durable product for years to come.


Securing Your Dallas Home with Bahama Shutters Means…

Providing Your Home With Curb Appeal

Give your Dallas house a unique look and a tropical feel while getting shade and hurricane protection at the same time.


Lower Electric Bills

The Bahama system is always in position working on your behalf to cut energy costs.


Stop’s The Sun’s Damaging Rays

Keeps the sun out while allowing some inward light transmission and outward view.


Heavy Duty Construction

Durable powder coated aluminum construction.


Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies offer discounts for approved hurricane protection including impact rated Bahama Shutters.


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