Skylight Shades Dallas, TX

Dallas Skylight ShadesAn unprotected skylight can generate intense heat and glare. The Skylight FlexShade® is the ideal remedy. Inconspicuously recessed into the skylight opening, a Skylight FlexShade provides solar and UV control to protect people and furnishings. Draper recommends lighter color fabrics and hardware to absorb less heat. Venting space between shade and glass highly recommended. Choose motorized or crank—both are a breeze to install and are engineered to be durable and reliable.


Motorized Skylight Shades – Dallas, TX

Unlike competitive products, our Skylight shades only use one motor because the spring roller opposite electric motor maintains constant tension. This feature also makes installation easier. Roller boxes and side flanges can be recessed into the skylight opening; shade operates smoothly and quietly on command. Available in sizes through 6’ W x 8’ H (183cm W x 244cm H).


Skylight Shade Specifications

  • Due to the force of gravity, SkyLight FlexShades are available up to a maximum unsupported width of 36″ (91cm). Larger units require one or more support cables, up to a maximum of 6’ W x 8’ L (183cm x 244cm). Cables are 3/16″ (5mm) dia. vinyl clad aircraft cable
  • System includes aluminum headbox, side and sill channels. Headboxes available to recess or surface mount
  • Crank-Operated Skylight Shades – Offers complete reliability and precise light control, with virtually no effort. Even the largest shades operate smoothly. Compact bi-directional gear assembly. Crank hinges to form a thin, straight rod at edge of window when not in use or it can be detached