Interior Window Shades – Dallas, TX

At The Shading Company we know window shades start with great design. Light control, energy efficiency and the convenience of motorization are just some of the innovations that enhance the beauty of your Dallas home.


Privacy & Light

Dallas light control window shadesOur window shades are available in a wide array of materials and colors, in a range of opacities from sheer to blackout that offer varying degrees of light and privacy.

Our shades offer ultraviolet protection to prevent sunlight from damaging a room’s furniture and decor.


Shades That Are Energy Efficient

Windows do more than just let in light and offer a view to the outdoors. They’re also where a home can lose up to 50% of it’s heating and cooling energy. With energy-efficient styles that offer varying levels of window insulation, our available shade designs let you create inviting environments regardless of the season.


Any Shape Or Size Window

At The Shading Company we have yet to meet a window we could not attractively cover.

We love the charm and character arches add to a home, and we work with manufacturers who address the challenges they present in controlling light and creating privacy.

We have a wide selection of products to enhance the beauty of your angled windows, whether your shades or open or closed.

Trapezoid windows with four sides but only one set of parallel sides, come in endless configurations and angles. Rest assured we have options that account for all of them. And although circular, oval, hexagonal and octagonal windows are among the rarest specialty window shapes, we have many clever styles designed to cover them.


Child Safe Window Coverings – Dallas, TX

We only work with manufacturers who are concerned with making window treatments that are safer for homes with infants, young children and pets.


Motorized Window Shades – Dallas, TX

Smart window treatments that can adapt to every moment of your day and make each more beautiful, these are motorized shades. When you combine motorization technology with The Shading Company’s unrivaled selection of sophisticated styles, fabrics and colors, you’ll find the most beautiful widow treatments are now also the most intelligent.

For more information on our window shades and motorized options please schedule your free in-home consultation today.